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Starts Here is the embodiment of quality hair removal. Our entire success is attributed to the standard of treatment we offer & the environment in which we’re doing so. A lot of salons will remove the hairs they can see, covers the entire area of the skin to ensure complete & effective removal of even the finest hairs, in order to give the soft, smooth, confident feeling you’re paying for. Expert waxing in Manchester by

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We’re in the business of making people feel good and we’re old hands when it comes to putting new and nervous clients alike completely and utterly at ease. It’s no small feat being undressed in front of a total stranger, but our team are thoroughly adept at displaying the professionalism warranted in this situation. With a friendly face and calming demeanour, we can guarantee you a successful treatment in the hands of one of our very experienced therapists.

Laser Hair Removal

Celebrity Smooth Skin

Laser Hair Removal Skin

Momma always said you have to invest in your future and what better way than to invest in longer lasting, smoother skin! Laser Hair Removal at has never been so attainable or cost effective. Book now for a smoother tomorrow.


Lash Extensions & Brows

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As well as our 2020 guest Brow Lamination treatment, we offer a wide range of other eyelashes and brow treatments including … eyelash extensions, threading and tinting in our Manchester salon.

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Brow Lamination

New for 2020

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